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What If We Miss It?

What if we miss it?  What if, when all is said and done, and we stand before a Holy God, we realize we had it all wrong?  What if you and I are being deceived, right now, in such a way that it will ruin our very souls?  I don’t want to go to hell.  I want to go to Heaven.  I want to run so as to win the Prize.  But . . . what if we miss it?
 This isn’t something I can brush off and say, “I’ll figure it out tomorrow,” or, “I’ll look into what the Bible says later—I’m too busy now with work, I’m thinking about marriage, I have enough to study already with school and everything.”  No.  It’s our souls, it’s our eternity we’re talking about.  You or I could die tomorrow—or within a moment Jesus could return—and then what?  We either have it right or we don’t.  It’s that simple—and that terrifying.

I don’t mean to ask, what if we believe the wrong thing.  On the contrary, actually.  I mean to ask you, what if we don’t really believe the right thing?  We can say we believe in Jesus.  But do we?

Imagine you’re sitting on a plane and someone hands you a parachute, informing you the plane is going down and at any moment you’re going to have to jump.  The danger is obvious.  But the parachute can save your life.  If you said you believed all they say is true, but left the parachute in the corner instead of putting it on, would you really be believing what they said and would the parachute save your life?

Do you only profess to believe what the Bible says or do you live in genuine belief?  Do you merely say you believe in Jesus

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