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Many of us think, “When I meet the one, then . . . then I will be complete.”  We cannot wait for the day when we can give our heart wholly to another.  We think of the ways we will attempt to win their heart.  We dream of the day when we will know, without one doubt, that they really do love us and will love us forever.  We long to be betrothed without compromise to our one true love.

I wonder why we don’t often think this way about God.  The truth is, if He is all to us that we say He is, our love for Him should be beyond that of any earthly beloved.

It’s almost as if we’re waiting for a different “god.”  It’s almost as if we haven’t found the one true God yet.  It’s like we haven’t met our eternal Bridegroom and so we’re still searching for love, contentment, completeness elsewhere.

We wait to give our heart wholly to Him.  We think of all the ways we might win this world—not His Heart.  We dream of many things we would like to draw security from as if we have no idea how much He has Loved us and will always Love us.  He says, “Leave all,” asks us to love Him without compromise, and seldom do you hear of a Christian joyed at this offer from Christ.

Have you found the One you were made to love?  Do you love Him as you would?  Or are you still searching?

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